September 20, 2015 Neil warshafsky

What Tech Tools will a Commercial Real Estate Agent Need in His Tool Kit to be Successful in 2016?

Although you might never use some of them, but it never hurts to have a kit that contains tools for solving all kinds of problems. On contrary, the presence of a diverse range of tools makes you feel confident about yourself and this confidence leads to better performance. Same is the case with commercial real estate agents and the presence of tech tools in their tool kit.

The fact cannot be denied that human reliance on technology is increasing with every day; therefore, there is nothing strange in 2016 being more technology oriented compared to 2015. Ergo, in order to make greater sales, earn better profits and experience growth, it is imperative that real estate dealers in general and commercial real estate agents in particular resort to using best tech tools for success in 2016. The lines below discuss some effective tools that can help Commercial real estate agents in this regard.

Drone Wars Begin:Coptercam8_aerial_camera_system

Drones with a camera attached to their end are becoming an increasingly common thing. Commercial real estate agents who utilize drones as a means of capturing an aerial view of their property will have a distinct advantage over those who use models as a means of explaining the 3dimensional view of the property to their clients. If you haven’t bought a drone yet, make sure you have one by the end of this year so that you have a holistic view of the property in the literal sense.

Mobile Scanner:


The work of real estate agent involves handling documentation and record keeping. In this regard, Xerox’s Mobile Scanner is a device that can come in handy for a commercial real estate agent as it eliminates the need of taking the documents back to office and scanning them, rather, the device allows you to scan the document instantly and keep it stored in it for later printing purposes. Save the redundant trips to office just for scanning a document by carrying Xerox’s Mobile scanner with you in 2016.


Google SketchUp:Google_sketchup_logo

Another great tool which commercial real estate agents should get their hands on is Google SketchUp. This tool allows you to create and remodel 3D view of your property, so that the property can be viewed in a more lifelike manner instead of simple images. You can create 3D models of the properties you have enlisted with you and give your entire clients and customers a better virtual view to the property.

Use Sitegeist:GainInsightsKattner_Small

The success of commercial real estate agents is highly dependent upon the insights they have to the area or region. The better the insights the better are transactions. In this regard, one app that I recommend to every commercial real estate agent is Sitegeist. This app can tell you all that you need to know about an area, such as;political contributions, the way people use commute, temperature of the area, the age of residents and so on. With such insights an agent can make a better decision about any commercial property.

Use Cloud Servers:2000px-Cloud_computing.svg

In addition to the risk of theft and data loss in case of system failure, the other drawback of storing client’s information on your laptop or personal system is that you can’t access it all the times. For a commercial real estate agent, the use of technology should mean ease of access to information, therefore, to make sure that you are connected with your information database all the time is to use cloud servers for information. With cloud servers, you can save information and share it with others as well at the time of need without the worry of making your own personal device available to you. In 2016, you should make switching to cloud your top priority if you wish to protect and easily access your information.

In short, to me, the aforementioned tools are a must for every real estate agent’s toolkit in 2016. If you agree or think otherwise about any of them, please share your opinion.