October 11, 2015 Neil warshafsky

How Can I Create Better Lead Generation for Commercial Real Estate Through Internet?

The fact cannot be denied that the use of internet has become an integral part of life and without it we may as well live in the Stone Age. Like other areas of business, the use of internet has changed the commercial real estate industry and now in addition to being a sharp person, a commercial real estate agent has to be an internet savvy person as well.

Online marketing has become an absolute part of a business’s marketing strategy. It can generate loads of leads for your commercial real estate business and help you find suitable leads for your commercial real estate clients. In the following lines, I will share with some tips on how you can generate better and greater leads for your commercial real estate clients through internet.

Internet2Website is ‘The Office’:

The most common way of being found on the internet is through search engine result. The search engine results show your website and upon landing on your website the prospects might consider contacting you for further services.

Pertinent to website firstly, you have to make sure that your website is search engine friendly. You should consider all the SEO factors like keywords, metadata, backlinks and so on to ensure that when people search for some real estate property in your area, your website comes at the top and most prospects visit your site.

Secondly, make sure that when the prospects land on your website, they drop you a query and become a lead. This can be done by designing the website in a user friendly way and making things of interest available to your prospects easily. Make sure that all your commercial properties are listed in a position where they get maximum exposure.

social-media-419944_1920Use The Power of Social Media:

Another platform that is perhaps as strong as search engine is social media. In the world of internet, social media has the same benefit as does word of mouth marketing, and people interested in commercial real estate always stay active and vigilant on social media platforms. All the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Redit, Google+ can all help you spread the word and find prospects that might be interested in commercial real estate. Just make sure that you offer real value to your fans and followers on social media, if you do this, you will notice a hike in your leads.

9365641519_ab84697e21_beBooksAre Influential:

With regards to generating commercial real estate needs through the internet, there will be people who would be telling you to resort to email marketing. Although email marketing has its benefits for general prospects, but if you are looking for commercial real estate leads, you need to show your understanding of market and its behavior. An eBook with your or your agency’s name on it will definitely be a boost in the confidence of investors and thus help you find more investors and greater leads for your commercial real estate clients.

4514786253_5e52bec725Grab Them With Google AdWords:

With organic Search Engine Marketing generating leads might become hard on the internet. If you are facing such competition doing things ordinarily, then you need to utilize Google AdWords and make a Pay-per-Click campaign. With its comprehensive network and sharp algorithm, Google will serve your commercial real estate ads to the investors and consequently you will experience an increase in leads.

Blog_(1)Have A Blog With Industry Information:

The commercial real estate prospects are quite keen about knowing who they are going to do business with, therefore, earning their confidence is important. If you can’t write an eBook as I mentioned above, then the other way you can ensure that the visitors landing on your website become your lead is by establishing a blog that shares industry information. Instead of sharing content of others, you must share your own genuine posts on the blog with industry information. Your knowledge of industry will add to your reputation and will provide the prospects with necessary information regarding investment.

I’ve shared my holistic view of generating commercial real estate leads through the internet. What are your thoughts on it? I look forward to your insights and recommendations.